We supply and install Residential Solar on homes and new build projects. Our offering is a full turn key solution which can include.


Payback modelling for Solar Panels.


EPC (Energy Performance Certificates).


Structural survey.


Full installation including scaffolding and access if required.


MCS Certification and assistance with applying for the Feed in Tariff.


Notification to the DNO for G83 installations.

Residential Solar

Energy costs are rising and by investing in Solar Panels on your home you can reduce your energy costs by simply decreasing the amount of electricty you need to buy from your energy supplier. You can do this by generating some of it yourself.

In recent years the costs of residential solar have come down significantly and despite the reduction on the Feed in Tariff it still makes economic sense to install solar panels.

By installing solar panels you will benefit from;

  • Lower energy bills through generating a proportion of your own energy.
  • Making energy costs more predictable as you are less reliant on on the grid and market increases.
  • RIO of 8% – 16% through moderate incomes provided by the Feed in Tariff and Export Tariff.

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